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Some of the new books include the following


MEGA branded books

Mega Publishing and Distribution P. L. C has its own publishing department. In this department different types of MEGA branded manuscripts are generated by experienced authors. MEGA branded books are of different kinds, ranging from supplementary books, novels, history books, children's books etc..

Local consignment books

    Different authors write different books on various disciplines. In order to encourage local authors and to avail books in different parts of the country, Mega Publishing and Distribution p.l.c  receives books from authors on consignment basis and distributes the books at a minimum cost.

Imported books

Books from different global authors  can also be found in every MEGA book store. The books we bring are from different parts of the world. The most commonly imported book categories are for university studies. Other books for other levels and books for leisure readings are also available.

Different puzzles

MEGA also provides different types of puzzles. The puzzles are divided in to two. The first ones are made in Ethiopia. This puzzles are intended to show different Ethiopian heritages and life style. The second ones are imported from abroad.

Fiker Eske Mekaber

This widely acclaimed novel was narrated twice on the national radio station. Thus having triggered a growing demand, the book has not only become a fiction with the largest circulation but also a reader in colleges and universities.  

English -Amharic Dictionary

this Dictionary is designed to service as a main reference material for students who want to develop their language proficiency.

it consists if over 75,000 entries which pictures. The book provides the British and American English Pronunciation spelling and meaning.   


Features an introduction to advanced calculus and highlights its inherent concepts from linear algebra
Advanced Calculus reflects the unifying role of linear algebra in an effort to smooth readers' transition to...........

Mega Book Of Modern English Grammar

this Book Is intended for students in school who are learning English as a foreign language. It is designed:-

  • to equip the students with the fundamentals of English grammar.
  • to Gide the users in the use of modern English idiom in a comprehensive manner.

The book has 18 chapters. Each chapter contains a brief explanation followed by a number of examples and exercises. Complete key to all the exercises has been given at the end of the book.



Gallery showing our shops

list of shop phone numbers

Head office

Phone :- 011-123 29 05/09/11

Address:- Arat Killo Adjacent to Ethiopian National Examination Agency

shop 01

phone address: - 011-111 32 55

location :- Arat killo, between Romina and Maleda Cafeteria

Shop 02

Phone Number:- 011 -111 23 23

Address:- Piassa, Maheteme Gandi street in front of Enrico Pastry

Shop 03

Phone Number:- 011- 156 92 73

Address :- Piassa chercle street in-front of Arada bulding

Shop 05

Phone Number :- 011-515 49 58

Address :- Beherawi, in-front of Ras Hotel or near to Kefeya head quarters.

Shop 06

Phone Address:- 011-555-88 96 

Address:- Mesekel Square, in-front of St Estefanose church

Shop 07

Phone Number:- 011-111 69 93

Address :- On the way to pissa before seba derja

Shop 09

Phone Number:- 011- 552- 91 60

Address :- Bamibs akebabi, in front of Enat bank


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